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Carroll to west ham
skysports reporting that a deal has not been done
Andy Carroll to little West Ham???

Bad move space cadet!! :bart:
Hippo heed will love the "miss out the midfield" football.Launch it to Carroll.
(30-07-2012, 08:13 PM)cg40k Wrote: Twitter treading now says that AC has turned down the loan move to Wet Ham

Well there you go, what a surprise.

just because it's the London Press everyone thinks "oh it's going to happen". Bolloxs. We put in "offers" for players and agree with the club. Do they appear, do they feck. I could bid 10p for a years loan with a guarantee to buy him for 20p (and the club accept) at the end of the loan period. It doesn't mean it's going to happen.
If he goes to west ham or a similar team Carroll is finished as a big prem player.It would be a bad move for him.
There is only ONE sentence of any importance in the entire VERY short article - "The season-long deal for the England striker would be with a view to a permanent transfer of £17m, provided West Ham stay in the Premier League."

1) AC has to agree
2) It's only a "view" to a permanent transfer
3) Provided Wet Spam stay in the Prem.

Now everyone on here seems to think it's a done deal because "it's in the paper". Seems like light years away from a done deal to me (not to say it won't be done, just that the article says nothing like it's done).

If only it was the same with Debouchy eh?????

Shakes head in total disbelief. :hair:
there is a picture on twitter of him heading to london LOL!

Click for pic
Well he'd definitely fit their style of play and would almost be gauranteed a starting place so if he wants to play regularly it'd be a good move for him. On the other hand it'd be a step down in terms of club ambition. He would be better off coming back to us but I don't think we're serious about getting him back.

ESPN's article on the matter
Well I hope it is true I will drive him there myself, infact I don't care where he goes aslong as its not us.:aaagh:

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