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(29-07-2012, 09:59 PM)Pazman Wrote:
(29-07-2012, 09:56 PM)Boydie Wrote:
(29-07-2012, 09:52 PM)Pazman Wrote: sounds like it's his cruciate he's done

Nasty mate.Mind you it's amazing what they can do now ,but don't know whether they'd send him to Steadman.No matter what he'll lose a touch of pace.

which he didn't have a lot of to start with
He's just gonna have to spend his career in the box like Lineker,it didn't do him any harm.:007:
cruciate knee ligament, get well soon best.:yep:
there isn't a toon fan who would have a bad word about the lad, a model pro and loved by the fans.

a huge shame, get amongst it soon bonny lad!! :yep:
best out for six months.
such a shame, I was going to watch his progress at Blackburn see how he was doing
Another season ruined for the lad,i bet he feels like chucking it.
That's a real shame for him. I was sad to see him leave the club though I understood his decision to go, i think he was better than he got credit for. Hope he has a speedy recovery and is still able to play at some point this season.

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