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Come tell us who you are ?
Wal, I am an expat in London, but I go home when I can. Love the Toon.
welcome wal-NUFC
(23-10-2013, 11:32 AM)Wal-NUFC Wrote: Wal, I am an expat in London, but I go home when I can. Love the Toon.

Welcome Wal to our great forum look feel free to have a good browse of the threads on here and just jump in and post when ever you like.We're a good bunch of Toon loving fans on here,and if you need any help just ask. :yep:
Name: Trevor
Age: 52
Location: Hildesheim (Near Hannover) Northern Germany
Place of birth: Forest Hall
Relationship status: Married
Kids: 1 son
Toon fan since: Birth.
Season ticket holder: No
Regular match goer: No
Go when you can: ……..
Go to away games: …………
Do you like other sports?: Rugby, Boxing, Cricket Golf…………………
Musical taste: Just about everything from classical to house.
Movie types and favourites. I like a good action film or a good comedy.
Food and Drink: Anything with alcohol in it. Enjoy a single malt whiskey or a decent brandy.
Employment status: Full time
Any other likes: My dogs
Dislikes: Too many to mention, don’t get me started lol
About you: Happy go lucky nature loving outdoor sort of bloke.
Lead me not into temptation, just point me in the general direction and I'll find my own way there. :007:
[Some previous posts deleted]

ok lads and lasses, ciatmol has an excellent point.

this thread will be cleaned up to just the "who are ya" thread its meant to be, this is the last place bickering should take place (if at all)

for the moment I will be locking it until I can speak to the other admin on an agreed course of action.

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