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Come tell us who you are ?
Use this thread to tell us about yourself. Copy the questions below and fill in your replies to those your happy to answer and then post. :yep:

Place of birth:
Relationship status:
Toon fan since:
Season ticket holder:
Regular match goer:
Go when you can:
Go to away games:
Do you like other sports?:
Musical taste:
Movie types and favourites.
Food and Drink:
Employment status:
Any other likes:
About you:
Anything Else:

[Image: DlDCpC.jpg]

Name: Steve.
Age: 46
Location: Whickham (Gateshead)
Place of birth: Gateshead.
Relationship status: Engaged to Allison.
Kids: 2 from a previous marriage.
Toon fan since: Started going to games with a mate and his dad in about 1972.
Season ticket holder: Yes, for 25 years+
Regular match goer: N/A
Go when you can: N/A
Go to away games: Used to go to them all but obviously don't now. Not as cheap as it used to be but go to about half a dozen each season.
Do you like other sports?: Like a spot of egg chasing, the Union kind. Also like a bit of cricket during the summer.
Musical taste: In to rock music in a big way. Big concert goer as well. Love stuff thats probably too young for me really, Linkin park being a massive favourite.
Movie types and favourites. Owt to make me laugh. Stupid ones such as Waynes world and Blues Brothers. Favourite film though is actually Midnight express.
Food and Drink: Can't beat a few beers and a good curry for me. Love a bit of Guiness or in the summer a nice pint of cider. Like to chill out with a nice JD with a bit of ice.
Employment status: Working in the sign industry. Done this for 30 years now.
Any other likes: Love a bit of travel, whether thats at home or abroad. Been to loads of great places and loads more I still intend to go to. Hoping to do Australia in the next couple of years.
Dislikes: Makems, Glory hunters, Liars, Pikeys, Celery.
About you: Just generally a live life to the full sort of bloke (money permitting) Like a drink and a night out but equally as happy at home with Ally. Love my team with a passion beyond belief. Believe me, its scary.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
Name: Alan
Age: 37
Location: Nantes
Place of birth: Ashington
Relationship status: Looking for a french gal with low standards to settle down with.
Kids: nope
Toon fan since: I'm a late convert to be honest, i joined up when dalgleish was in charge.
Season ticket holder: nope.
Regular match goer: I'm afraid not, maybe if i move back to england someday.
Go when you can: N/A
Go to away games:
Do you like other sports?: Erm i used to enjoy doing a bit of fencing, quite like basketball.
Musical taste: Primarily folk and traditional though i like rock as well.
Movie types and favourites. I like comedy mostly though anything thats not too artsy is good for me.
Food and Drink: Whisky, cider, wine, i miss fish and chips.
Employment status: i'm self employed and work in various companies as an English teacher and occassionally as a cultural advisor.
Any other likes: Music and theatre are my main passions.
Dislikes: Tims fish and chips, a shop in Nantes that sounds like it should sell fish and chips, and i suppose technically he does but it aint Real fish and chips.
About you: I have an actual real life phobia of peas, garden peas being the worst. They literally scare me senseless. Yes I know how weird that is.
Name:Graham Boyd
Location:Hebburn Tyne and Wear
Place of birth:Jarrow
Relationship status:Married
Kids:2 lads 24yrs and 19yrs
Toon fan since:Since i could understand football,but my 1st game i was 8.
Season ticket holder:Was in the past but not now.
Regular match goer:Like i say i used to be.
Go when you can:I will do work and finances permitting.
Go to away games:No,but would like to go to a one next season.
Do you like other sports?:Not really,but ladies beach volleyball looks good.
Musical taste:I was a bit of a punk as a kid,but i'm open minded now.
Movie types and favourites.I like owt me,but i loved Braveheart,Highlander.
Food and Drink:Strongbow and everthing thats wrong for you.
Employment status:Japanese P.O.W at Nissan
Any other likes:Love wildlife.
Dislikes:Mackems,mackems and mackems.
About you:I pride myself in my work and i'm never shying off,i'm an easy going bloke and i like to be liked,it hurts me if i think someone doesn't like me or has fallen out with me.
Name: Samantha Liddle nee Gregory
Place of birth:Ashington
Relationship status:Married
Kids:3 boys 17,16 and 13
Toon fan since:1982/3
Season ticket holder:Not yet
Regular match goer:hopefully next season
Go when you can:
Go to away games: definately at least 1 next season
Do you like other sports?:F1 and the horses
Musical taste: total metalhead, slipknot, rammstein and of course iron maiden
Movie types and favourites. Operation Petticoat all time fav.
Food and Drink:Roast dinner and gin & tonic
Employment status: housewife and assistant beaver scout leader
Any other likes: the list is endless
Dislikes: mackems
About you: I may look like a middle class housewife but really I'm a raving lunatic
Anything Else: skype. sam aka vixxen
Name: Helen
Age: 46
Location: Blaydon, Gateshead
Place of birth: East riding of Yorkshire (now called Humberside,but it will ALWAYS be Yorkshire)
Relationship status: complicated. Never been married. Long term relationship broke down a couple of years ago, but is being slowly re-built - we have the technology
Kids: Never been blessed. I'm cool about it, the time was never right. Love kids though.
Toon fan since: Last season was my first full proper season. (picked a goodie, huh?) Most of you know I followed another team for many years, but I'm getting there..
Season ticket holder: sadly no. Really wanted to, but just can't afford it.
Regular match goer: as above
Go when you can: yes, did 6 last season...hope for more this.
Go to away games: Not so far. I will go and watch other teams though as I have friends all over who go to footie.
Do you like other sports?: Mainly cricket and athletics. But I watch any, any at all.
Musical taste: wide and varied. I'll be at the Sage watching the Northern Sinfonia, then listen to hip-hop on the way home on the bus.
Movie types and favourites. Not a massive cinema-goer. I like films that make me think rather than all-action, but I don't rule that out.
Food and Drink: Bring it on. Again, very varied. Jesmond Dene House or Maccy D's - they all have a place in my culinary tastes. I drink gin n' coke or beer or wine or....
Employment status: Dodgy! Librarian in an ever-diminishing public sector. I also do research and give volunteer support for a counselling organisation. Have done a bit of editing.
Any other likes: animals, the great outdoors, books, words.
Dislikes: lifts and other closed-in spaces.
About you: I like myself a lot more now than I did 10 years ago.
Anything Else: I'm a published poet. My first collection was called "Sleeping with the Snow Queen". Available for readings, weddings, funerals, Bah Mitzvah's....

Great to be here. xx
"I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance." ee cummings, 1894-1962
Name: Sue
Location: Blyth
Place of birth: RVI Newcastle
Relationship status: Divorced,
Kids: None
Toon fan since: early 80's
Season ticket holder: Yes
Regular match goer: Yes
Go to away games: Hope I might get to one next year.
Do you like other sports?: Yes Horse Sports, WSB, Athletics, F1,
Musical taste: Rock and Classical
Movie types and favourites.
Food and Drink: Fizzy lemon crush and Sweet &Sour.
Any other likes: NUFC of course and Brad Pitt, Johny Depp
Dislikes: Mackems, Liars, Fish (eat) peas, bananas.
About you: Stubborn grumpy blonde.
Anything Else: prone to blond moments, and wont suffer fools or bullies.

[Image: DlDCpC.jpg]

hi arfa here enough said laugh.
Location:Gosport (hampshire)
Place of birth:Newcastle
Relationship status: married to my second wife
Kids: one son 26 Adam
Toon fan since:my earliest memories are of the 60's my first hero tho was supermac
Season ticket holder:unfortunately never, I live 360 miles away so not really practical
Regular match goer:see above
Go when you can:I do go very occasionally
Go to away games:see above
Do you like other sports?:no, footy is king
Musical taste:70's, glam rock but I am into karaoke and sing anything from elvis to robbie and anything in between
Movie types and favourites.mainly action stuff and sci fy, I have a 3D tv and avatar in 3D just blew me away
Food and Drink: yes please :) I love good food and drink Brandy & coke
Employment status: site manager (caretaker) at a local school, did 25 years royal navy but also had other jobs including property management and health and safety consultant
Any other likes:I like weight training and follow the careers of a few body builders
Dislikes:arrogance, lying and cheating
About you: I am in good shape for my age and am a sociable animal, i spend my weekends mainly in pubs getting as sociable as a newt Wink
Anything Else: wish I had the discipline and stamina to be a pro body builder, also would loved to have been another six inches taller :)
Name: Nige
Age: 44
Location: Royal Wootton Bassett
Place of birth: Bath
Relationship status: Married
Kids: Boy (Cade) 11 and girl (Jessica) 10 (going on 15)
Toon fan since: Early '90's
Season ticket holder: No
Regular match goer: No
Go when you can: Due to distance and cose - a couple of times a season unfortunately.
Go to away games: No
Do you like other sports?: Dont mind watching England rugby union team (don't get rugby league at all).
Musical taste: anything from punk to opera
Movie types and favourites. Nowt in particular. One flew over the cuckoos nest I enjoyed.
Food and Drink: Stowfords press cider and a hot curry
Employment status: IT manager for Vodafone
Any other likes: We bought an old farm house a couple of years ago. Lots of work to do on it, it's on a working farm and close to the M4, but I love it here
Dislikes: people crunching any food. Don't know why but I just want to punch them. Very tricky when in a meeting at work and some bastard is eating an apple :hair:
About you: I run the Wootton Bassett under 11A football team. It's unpaid of course, and takes up a fair bit of time, but I love it. I once got an email off of one of the lads after we lost the second-place play-off saying that my assistant and I were the nicest adults he has known. This was after he gave away a free kick in the last seconds which led to the only goal and we lost. I hope to be doing this "job" for as long as the kids are enjoying themselves.
Anything Else: Nah

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