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West Ham (h)
Gordon red card is bad news, but at least “Wor Harvey” is available to fill that space
See, I told you it would be 4-3 to us.  Not!  Great result, 3 points etc. all very good except that for most of that match the performance was poor.  It was noticeable that we looked a much better side with the changes that circumstances forced upon us.  It begs the question - again - is Eddie Howe properly managing this team?  When I saw Anderson come on, I had to wonder why Longstaff had even started, although to be fair to Longstaff, he improved greatly after the forced changes to the playing personnel.  Why wasn't Harvey Barnes on the pitch as part of a plan?  I really don't think there ever is a plan, that's why.  By the way, Dan Burn doesn't half look like a decent centre-back.  Who'd have thought?
What a turnaround. Maybe one day we will learn how to deal with the counter
What the fuck have we just watched.

A game you only show from a coaching perspective for all the wrong reasons, from both sides, but what a way to go on and win it.

Can't cope with anymore drama for today, need a darkened room.
Gordon is a stupid red card, but the Everton thing is odd, he didn't turn up at all when we played down there so a game off against his old side might not actually be the worst thing, especially after playing for England and not getting a rest. Might be a bizarre take but for all the games for him to miss, I'd pick this one.

Special shout out to Hall who was excellent, no words to describe how stupid it is not to give him a run in the team, but here we are.
Eddie Howe Reaction:

It has been the story of our season. 

“Unfortunately, we were getting hit left, right and centre today. 
“We were 1-0 up and then Jamaal [Lascelles] goes off. 
“Miggy [Almiron] goes off.
“Anthony [Gordon] is sent off.

“Tino [Livramento] goes off. 
“It is a catalogue, one after another, but the players we brought on made a positive impact and that’s the beauty of our squad.”

My reaction:

“Is it wine o’clock yet?”
Off topic I know, but I've never seen a team pummelled "one all" like Manchester United were today at Brentford.  If the BBC coverage is to be believed, that is.

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