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Man City (a) FAC
Don’t fancy our chances here  huh?

But I would love it, just love it if I was WRANG!!

Martin DúbravkaSven BotmanFabian SchärJamaal LascellesDan BurnBruno GuimarãesSean LongstaffJoe WillockJacob MurphyAlexander IsakAnthony Gordon

Loris KariusEmil KrafthMatt TargettPaul DummettMatt RitchieLewis MileyMiguel Almirón

WTF? Going out with a whimper here.
I'd just take it where our players don't look exhausted within the first few minutes and can actually pass to each other.

We will get twatted here, short of an early red card for them which will help us, I can't see anything from what we have been watching for months now.
Gifted them 2 goals, despite the change in tactics. 
If you don’t put pressure on opponents and stand off them, which we are doing, they will score again. 
Isak chance should have gone in!  feck
More shit defending, as bad as we have ever been at the back currently. We have the inevitable tiredness kicking in soon too, they might let off the gas and let us leave with some dignity.
Question  for me is when does Eddie take Bruno off to prevent a yellow?
On a positive note, Anderson, Miley, Hall all looked decent. Better than the starters
Don't think I've ever seen any team trounced by 2 goals to nil before, but trounced we were. The question is, will Eddie "Mr. AFC Bournemouth" Howe manage to beat Steve Bruce's 12th place finish of 2020-2021 and will he get the same shit if he doesn't? Quick question: Would our midfield have performed more effectively with Miley/Anderson (one or both), in place of Sean "Invisible Man" Longstaff?
Glad for the change in system but we could have played until midnight and not scored, it gave us slightly better passages of play in possession, but I am clutching for something positive here. We were never in it, toyed with us in an absolutely tedious second half as we are once again expected to just out run the opposition every game, despite it being perfectly clear we are not capable of doing that this season.

I don't like singling out individual players who try, but fuck me, watching Burn when we have Hall available is agonising. The season is gone, it was over the moment Trippier gave Chelsea the goal back in the League Cup, just play Hall for fucks sake. Whenever you seen Burn, 15-20 minutes into a game, he looks like a guy who has been up all night single handidly looking after triplets. He was superb for us when he first signed, and did well most of last season, but nearly every single game that I can recall this season, he looks like an old man playing out his career, and worryingly he is only 31. It might not even be terminal, just take him out of the team, let him be cover for centre back until the summer, and use Tino and Hall for left back. It's typical of Howe, just doing the same things all the time, same formation/system (today aside), predictable starters, predictable tactics, predictable lack of in game management, predictable lack of game changing subs (again, today aside). Let Hall play, let him make the odd mistake, just give him a chance without the threat of a cock up leading to him losing his place.

Horrible, rotten season, I just hope we don't somehow get a Europa Conference league place, leave that for West Ham and Brighton to fight over, it's a pathetic competition that UEFA have created to expand exclusivity and would mean absolutely nothing to be in it. We need a couple of campaigns to get the right people off the pitch and the right people on it, without the distraction of playing a team of supermarket workers from the north coast of Finland. I'd get Longstaff straight out of the team, play Miley, play Hall, play Livramento, play Anderson, all players who deserve a chance compared to who is playing currently in their position. Try a couple of different systems, just use this free throw from now until May to freshen things up, if nothing else at least it is something for us to get excited about. I speak on behalf of 100% of the fan base, without exception, who don't want to see Burn or Longstaff play another game this season.

Special mention to the commentators for saying Dubravka is one of the top 3 reserve goalkeepers in the league, hahaha, you couldn't make it up, you're paid to commentate on the game, not spout shite about clubs and players you know absolutely nothing about.

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