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Arsenal (a)
Seems to be a foregone conclusion in the “national” (london) media and amongst the so-called pundits and experts that Arsenal are going to give us a twatting for having the nerve to beat them at SJP on 4th November!

They’re probably right.

But I would love it, just love it, if once again we turn out to be their bogey team.
The sight of Arteta blowing a fuse again on the telly would be sooooo good!

[Image: IMG-3302.jpg]
Steve Bruce esque performance and Steve Bruce esque result so far.

What a fuckkng shambles, not even worth breaking down the game so far, we are regressing at an alarming rate.
Absolute destroyed but not really unexpected
I don't understand this continued lethargy from the kick off. We were led to believe this was due to fixture congestion early season, Howe himself said so, he also said when we went out of Europe that they didn't have enough time of the training pitch as it was just constant matches, and that things would improve once they could get back working with the players on the training ground.

If anything since then, we look even more tired than when the fixtures were supposedly to blame, and despite getting more players back, we continue to look like a team with no identity. I also don't understand the Livramento situation, let him play consecutive 90 minutes of football, give him the same chance that has been awarded to Burn. Sure, Livramento was poor, like every player was, but it's almost like Howe can't wait to get Burn back in the team, and you can see it now, Wolves at home at the weekend, Burn will start.

I continue to read more people lamenting supporters who I feel are asking the right questions, Howe has almost become above criticism in an alarming number of supporters, and that's a really dangerous position to be in. Forget hyperbole and deal with what we are seeing, the facts...

1) Why are the players consitently out of energy, even from kick off?
2) Why have we lost our entire identity when last season one of our biggest strengths was everyone who came in to play, played the game in the same way?
3) Why is there a continued reluctance, despite odd flashes like we had against Villa, to change a midfield that is failing so badly week in and week out?

I know Pope and Joelinton are big misses, but this is football management, and loads of clubs up and down the country are missing big players, but don't face a complete and continued collapse and loss of identity as a result.

Is it really going to be a simple case of moving Longstaff to RCM and bringing Willock in at LCM that will change our entire outlook?! We will find out soon enough, but there are some really big red flags around the way the team are setup and the way they play when we don't have a fully fit squad, which is an unrealistic expectation.

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