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According to his agent (yes, I know!!) Almiron is unhappy/unsettled/yourwordhere.....

Been scouted by Atletico Madrid and some "big english clubs" (we aren't a big english club, apparently....)

So what should the club do?

I usually take the view that if a player is unhappy, try to sort it out with them, but if they are still unhappy - let them go.

Not sure if this isn't just an agent looking for a big pay day

Signs for Rafa who probably sold the club to him as a project that was going to get better and better and maybe allow him to win things. Who would develop him as a player. Ends up playing for Bruce. When he plays at all. Club has regressed to relegation fodder and no hope of him improving or winning anything. Can't blame the lad really.
Good luck to him; he's currently at a rotten club with a rotten manager.
There isn't a single player who hasn't gone backwards since Rafa left, and I think Almiron is one of those who has suffered the most.

He is being coached and managed by people with extremely limited coaching and tactical abilities. His end product lacks, however under the right manager and setup, there is a really good little player in there, and should he leave, he will go on to be a success elsewhere.

I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting out of this setup, we are back being bottom feeders, under one of the worst managers we have ever had.
You look at him playing for Paraguay and then you look at him playing for us and its a noticeable difference. I seriously think if he wants to keep his place in the national team he has to go.

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