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Nottingham Forest (h)
Dubravka is absolutely awful, listening to the media talk about how he is one of the best 2nd choice keepers around was infuriating, I think he is one of the worst. He might as well not be on the pitch in certain situations, he is incapable of saving anything.

I am trying to readjust my expectations, last season was a one off, we have players who played out of their skin who can't keep it up, and when they drop their levels, we go from a top 4 side, to a 7th/8th place side capable of performances and results like today. Schar is a ticking bomb with his injuries, and his performances recently are like the Schar of old, wandering around, out of position, last ditch challenges, leaving his man unmarked. You couple Schar with Tripper, who has gone fom playing the best football of his career, to arguably his worst, a goalkeeper who can't save anything and a slow, aging left back, and the aformentioned midfield issues, and it's easy to see why we have become so easy to play against.

Willock is a huge miss, but he can't be relied on with his recent injury problems, so we need to find an alternative who can offer the same qualities to fight for that tyoe of position/player. Instead we spent all summer chasing a left winger with a questionable attitude, and a central midfielder who knew he would be getting a lengthy ban. The summer window was utterly awful, and we are paying a huge price for it. Centre back cover/push for first team football, a decent right winger with end product and someone to cover Willock/push for first team football, that's what we really needed.

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