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Mackems Under Scrutiny
Breaking tonight:

Durham Police have confirmed that they told SAFC Chief Exec Margaret Byrne about what the paedo had been up to, text messages, kissing a bairn etc - on the day he was arrested a year ago.

Big questions being asked about why he was allowed to continue playing and whether the Mackems were part of a "tactical decision" given their league position.......

I reckon they should have points deducted.

20 ought to be about right............:whist:
while i'd like them to have points deducted and think the person is a disgrace... we have a system in which you're innocent until proven guilty.. we have to hold everyone to the same standards even if in hindsight we'd prefer not to.

he's done now, and sunderland have lost a player. they can't really be punished for fielding him... though morally they may regret it.

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