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#BoycottSpurs Assessed.
I agree that money can blind people but as Ciatmol says, how much a player makes shouldn't affect how a player performs/trys, certainly the state of the club could potentially affect a players mentality but if it was me personally I'd be giving my all no matter what, and that would be regardless of who I was playing for, it's just the way I am. I'm sorry to say that the majority of the current squad don't have enough heart and aren't good enough. The reason why Jonas was dropped is unclear at the minute however he would have given 100% on Sunday instead of the likes of Gouffran who thought he was playing football on the beach on holiday.

I personally believe the biggest problem is Carver, as it doesn't matter what bunch of players a manager has, yes having world class players helps, but it is down to the manager to motivate the team and also tactically set us up well, Carver has failed miserably. He is as negative as Pardew, a defensive 4-5-1 against the mackems was a disgrace. The youngsters should be given a chance now, we have nothing to loose and at least they would give 100%.
sanchez at arsenal gets paid £100,000 a week he never stops running its not about the money its the person, we had shearer best paid player at the time he never stopped. we just get mercenary's who come in pick up there pay and hope they get a move,we may as well play the kids at least they'll have something to prove! as for the boycott well done lads keep it up..personally i believe everyone needs to jack in there season tickers that's the only way to affect him.
Some boy band once sang "Money can't by me love". I could make a good impression of love for £50k a week if anyone's interested :007: :D

I can sort of get what Michael is saying, but at the end of the day, for that sort of money, anyone should be able to at least make a semi-convincing effort of giving a fuck.
Sissoko has proven on too many occasions that he only plays when HE wants to.
How many times have we seen him play better against big teams only to then give it a miss when we play the lesser known ones.
Heart, Money or Attitude? A combination of all 3?

Maybe that is a trait in players.
They think they are good players and deserve to play at better clubs than the ones they are at.
But in order to get to one of those supposed better clubs you have to give it week in week out.
The true good players don't always play well, but they always give 100% and if things are not going well they attempt to give even more.

Too many of these average players are just not professional enough for me.
They are well paid as we have said and if they are genuinely unhappy with the club they are at, go and EARN a big move by putting a shift in on a regular basis.

I have said before that the players cannot be happy with the state of things at the club.
The likes of Jonas appears to have openly suggested that, but would you ever see him giving less than 100%
Granted, he is possibly one of our highest earners, but proof that it's not always about the money.
You either have that attitude to give your all or you don't
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
Here's an example of heart for you from someone who was paid a lot of money.

1998 David Beckham gets a red card for a kick on Simeone in England's world cup match against the Argies. I remember the newspaper headlined the next day (as it was my first day at my current job) - 10 heroic lions and one stupid boy.
He became the most hated player in England. I couldn't stand the bloke. However he put in a lot of hard work, graft and heart every time he played, and before long he'd turned it around completely to become the hero of the country.

He did that because he wanted to. t may be an extreme example, but it shows what you can do if you want to. He could have easily just given up and went through the motions, but he didn't.

Sissoko (and it's not limited to just him), has that choice too. We've all seen that he can be a world class players. But we've also seen that he can just wander around the pitch looking like he'd rather be anywhere else at that time. If he can only be arsed to put in 25% effort, then he should offer to only collect 25% of his wage.

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