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Book Review - first go.
Ages ago, Boydie I think it was, suggested that I get the ball rolling with a book review thread...maybe even a section in the "Music & Telly" bit if people want.

So, I've finally got round to doing one. It's NOT a football book, (I DO have a few that I hope to read at some point), but I thought this one might appeal to folk on here.


The Second Coming by John Niven

This is a really funny book – at times it had me laughing my head off - but it’s also a thought provoking read that has depth and something to say about the “Big Issues” in life.

It opens with a bit of a panic on in Heaven. God has been away on a fishing trip for a week, but is due back at any time and will expect to be updated on earthly goings-on whilst he’s been away. Time in Heaven is different to on earth – a week up there is several hundred years of earth time, so God actually started his holiday at the time of the Renaissance, when he thought everything was looking pretty good….so He has quite a bit of catching up to do.
“Think He’s gonna be pissed?” Raphael asks Michael as the Angels chat by the water cooler in Gods office.
“Pissed? Michael repeats. “He’s gonna go fucking nuts.”

And of course He does.
World wars, famines, the Holocaust, capitalism, the Taliban and “fucking Christians everywhere.” Something needs to be done. So Jesus is summoned, (he’s on a cloud smoking dope and jamming with Jimi Hendrix – everyone smokes dope in Heaven). After a Board Meeting with Peter and the other main Saints, it is decided that the only thing for it is to "send the kid back".

The reborn JC is a struggling rock musician in New York, slowly gathering a gang of misfits around him and trying to spread God’s only REAL Commandment: Be Nice! (Moses was given this simple message all those years ago, but as an egotistical control freak he sexed the whole thing up, with disastrous consequences.)
JC reluctantly decides the best way to reach hearts and minds this time around is to enter the number one TV show: American Pop Star…….

As I said earlier, at times, particularly in the early chapters set in Heaven and Hell (God and JC visit the Devil for dinner) I was laughing like a drain reading this. There’s a fabulous bit where Jesus and the other Saints start squabbling about who was crucified in the worst way.
When JC gets to earth, the humour is more subtle, and what happens is quite sobering – and frighteningly easy to imagine. I won’t give away any more of the story, but let’s just say time doesn’t necessarily change human nature.

I have recommended this book to others and always added a caveat that it contains a hefty dose very heavy duty profanity, so it’s not for anyone who doesn’t like that sort of thing. Normally I’m not a massive fan myself, but in this book it just fits perfectly with the tone and the characters and I found it hysterical. Obviously, it’s also not for you if you can’t handle the piss being very thoroughly taken out of religion!

I absolutely loved it. It’s clever, witty, fast moving and perfectly realised. Heaven sounds absolutely fucking amazing. I’m so going to "Be Nice!" to everyone from now on, so I can be sure of my place.

Published in paperback by Vintage, Dec 2013. £7.99 ISBN:9780099535522
"I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance." ee cummings, 1894-1962
Sounds class Tiny cheers.:yep:
Razzler readers wives is canny
(09-03-2014, 06:28 PM)thecorner Wrote: Razzler readers wives is canny

I will give it a look thanks for that.:yep:
"Send the Kid Back"

Brilliant review sounds very terry pratchetesque :yep:

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