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Guthrie has gone
To Reading:,00.html

Well good luck to him. Not a bad word to say, but I think Ashley want's to move it up a gear and Gurtrie will not fit in.

Exciting things at Reading - yeah right, I can tell you right now, before a ball has been kicked, they are going DOWN.
Good luck to the Lad, great servant, always did his best. Sorry to lose him, but onwards an upwards!
he's went there to get first team football and can't blame him for that, he proved last couple of seasons that he is a decent footballer, in fact I would have had him in England squad rather then Henderson
shame i liked him but good luck to him
That makes me feel a bit more confident that we expect to keep Tiote' but perhaps the 2 events are not related.
Good luck to him :yep:

[Image: DlDCpC.jpg]

Good luck to the lad he'll get no bad reception from me when he returns to SJP.The kid wanted to play football you can't blame him for that,it had nowt to do with money,i wish him well he never let us down and always gave his all. :clap:

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