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Come tell us who you are ?
Name: Lee Parry
Age: 29
Location: Stanley, County Durham
Place of birth: Gateshead
Relationship status: Married
Kids: 1 boy (11.5 months at time of writing)
Toon fan since: can't remember, around when i was about 9 or 10
Season ticket holder: was last season but not next
Regular match goer: yes
Go when you can: yes
Go to away games: want to but just cost
Do you like other sports?: F1
Musical taste: allsorts
Movie types and favourites: action and adventure, Armageddon
Food and Drink: pasta and JD
Employment status: full time
Any other likes:
About you: Work in care, hours and pay not great but a very rewarding jobs
Anything Else:
Name: John Waters
Age: 57
Location: Eglingham, Northumberland
Place of birth: Newcastle
Relationship status: Married
Kids: 1 lad age 29 - musician
Toon fan since: My uncle took me and my twin brother, "Aquae" on here, to SJP when we were 7 - he was a copper in the Leazes end and looked after us. Hooked straight away.
Season Ticket Holder: For the last 12 years. Lived in Kent for 10 of those but came up to see the Toon whenever I could.
Regular match goer: yes
Go when you can: yes
Go to away games: no
Do you like other sports?: cricket, rugby union
Musical taste: Everything but love to hear my lad sing and play
Movie types and favourites: Action
Food and Drink: Like all sorts of food but drink mainly beer and wine (can't stand spirits)
Employment status: Retired 2 years ago
About you: Worked as Marketing Director which I loved but now happily retired and came back home to the North East to live after living away for 39 years. Been married for 35 years.
Play golf (badly) and love walking my 2 mad Springer Spaniels

Name: Andrew
Age: 37 until a week Friday ;-)
Location: Cramlington
Place of birth: Ashington hospital. Maternity unit most likely.
Relationship status: In one.
Kids: 11 year old boy.
Toon fan since: Birth.
Season ticket holder: No, I see the boy on a Saturday!
Regular match goer: No. Been to SJP a few times and watch on telly/internet the rest of the time.
Do you like other sports?: Yes, most apart from rugby and track and field stuff.
Musical taste: Indie, Rock, Chillout, Ambient, Jazz... Massive music fan.
Movie types and favourites. I love movies but not a fan of the big hollywood blockbuster stuff.
Employment status: Got one.
Any other likes: Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Oh and a nanna nap on a Friday afternoon.
Name: Mark Dixon
Age: 40
Location: Beccles, Suffolk
Place of birth: Ashington
Relationship status: Married
Kids: 2 Teenage girls
Toon fan since: Like half the kids my age, first match was Keegans debut when I was 10. Stood in the scoreboard. The memory of walking up the steps and onto the terrace will live with me forever.
Season Ticket Holder: Had one 1988-1990
Regular match goer: Depends on work. I borrow my mates ticket when he's on wrong shift
Go when you can: yes
Go to away games: Sometimes get to midlands games with work
Do you like other sports?: triathlon, cricket, rugby union, formula 1, cycling, boxing
Musical taste: Foo Fighters, Nirvana, the cure, Soundgarden, arctic monkeys, oasis ....
Movie types and favourites: Not arsed
Food and Drink: Lager. Curry.
Employment status: Self employed
About you: I'm obsessed with footy and sport in general. I compete (if you can call it that) in triathlons.
Name: Mick
Age: 59
Location: A small village in Northumberland
Place of birth: Coxlodge, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Relationship status: Wed
Kids: 1 Border Collie
Toon fan since: 1963
Season ticket holder: Was for years, and double bond holder, name on seat etc - walked away after the way Sir Kevin was treated. Update - have decided I've fined Ashley enough LOL and am going back this season....
Regular match goer: refuse to give Ashley a penny. Update: going back this season
Go when you can:
Go to away games: Used to go all over - not these days
Do you like other sports?: I'm a qualified Yacht Skipper, Yacht in Amble. I like ladies tennis and women's beach volleyball.
Musical taste: Metallica, AC/DC, Groove Armada, Abba, Oasis, Noel Gallagher, Paul McCartney, Georgia Satellites, George Thorogood etc etc
Movie types and favourites: Science Fiction and Westerns. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Matrix etc Any Sandra Bullock films
Food and Drink: Bacon n eggs, Vindaloos or Phalls, Sainsbury's Strawberry Trifle, red wine, Guinness
Employment status: Early Retired
Any other likes: My Kawasaki 650, animals (prefer animals to people)
Dislikes: Tories, NHS Privatisation, snobs, arrogance, people who hunt animals in the name of "sport"
About you: "Only worry about the things you can do something about"
Anything Else: Although born in England, my national team is the Republic Of Ireland
I look like this (on holiday last year in Lavenham, Suffolk, note the trendy blue crocs LOL!):

[Image: bugsNo10.png]
Name: Alan Connor
Age: 59
Location: Lee on The Solent, Hampshire
Place of birth: Benwell, Newcastle
Relationship status: Married
Kids: Alice 11, George 8
Toon fan since: I was born
Season ticket holder: No
Regular match goer: No
Go when you can: Yes but does not happen often
Go to away games: I get to more away games than home maybe 2/3 a season
Do you like other sports?: Like Rugby and really enjoy Cycling
Musical taste: Anything from Vaughan Williams to Heavy Rock
Movie types and favourites. Can’t watch anything American – only British
Food and Drink: Eat like a horse and can eat anything
Employment status: Assistant Manager at a Builders Merchants. Hard work at the moment in this recession
Any other likes: Quiteness
Dislikes: Rudeness, People who constantly interrupt, Politicians, People who keep sayinh "in terms of"
About you: Served my time as a joiner Swan Hunters at the Walker Naval Yard. Still have a love of working in wood, wood turning, French polishing etc. Got a couple of great photos of me there on my 21st birthday – would put them up if I could work out how. Left the Toon in 1980 and lived in Birmingham for 27 years. been down here for 5 years. Prefer Birmingham believe it or not but the place is better for my kids.
Anything Else: I am a massive bloke, 6'5" 18 stone - used to be fit with it but now just fat with it
Use this thread to tell us about yourself. Copy the questions below and fill in your replies to those your happy to answer and then post.

Name: Phil brown
Location: Durham
Place of birth: Newcastle
Relationship status:
Kids: 2 25yrs laddie & 20yrs lassie
Toon fan since: forever
Season ticket holder: for my sins yes
Regular match goer: home games only
Go when you can: work permitting
Go to away games: no but I'd love to take a few in
Do you like other sports?: not really
Musical taste: punk, ska, zeppelin, the doors and even modern stuff too
Movie types and favourites. Action, thriller, sci fi anything with a good plot
Food and Drink: most stuff except sprouts & cheesy chips, alcohol in any form
Employment status: Nissan for a long time, left but just gone back
Any other likes: reading and I like to lose myself in ps3 games now and then
Dislikes: horses, sick of them owning 20 can do that to you
About you: easy going and I'd like to think I'm easy to get on with also I like a good laugh
Anything Else: I've got loads of horses for sale if any one is interested lol !
I reject your reality and substitute it with my own !
Age: 53 21 in head x
Place of birth:st asaph
Relationship status:married
Kids: 3 28 27 19
Toon fan since:20 years now
Season ticket holder: no
Regular match goer:yes
Go when you can:
Go to away games:yes
Do you like other sports?: cricket and darts
Musical taste: westlife pixie lott boyzone x
Movie types and favourites. the champ my favourite
Food and Drink: loes crisps
Employment status: employed breakfast assistant in school and cleaner at nite in school used to be a audio typist for an accountants
Any other likes:
Dislikes: nasty people
About you: love going to concerts and watching neewcastle especially away
Anything Else:
name: KC Jones
Location: Lexington, Kentucky USA
No kids yet
Toon Fan since I discovered the Entertainers.
Before last season, I hadnt missed a live match since 2004 (via the internet)
Love other sports, American football, NBA basketball, College american football
Musical tastes: The Smiths, Oasis, Pixies, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, New Order, Talk Talk
Employed by AT&T
Dislikes Mackems and glory hunters
(07-08-2012, 06:27 PM)kcjonesy24 Wrote: name: KC Jones
Location: Lexington, Kentucky USA
Employed by AT&T

At first glance I thought that said At At I can't tell you how excited I was!:D

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