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new years honour list
Some very worthy sports men and women out there for honours,it's just a shame they don't take knighthoods back from undeserving ungracious tw@ts.
Totally agree Pboro :yep:
i agree most should not get them and think they only got them due to olympics been held in london, i don't think they would have been honoured otherwise.

What about all the armed forces that serve this country and give their lives everyday and get nothing
(29-12-2012, 10:27 AM)pboromag Wrote: why do we give these privalaged well paid sports stars these knighthoods etc

i was out with a lad on xmas eve who this year has done more for his country whilst serving than any sports star ,its just wrong

i am doing a charity bike ride in may and went to meet some of the marie currie nurses ,these are women and a man who give up almost there family life to care for these people suffering from cancer and the like

its wrong just so wrong

how can someone who rides a bike gets paid umpteen millions and treat like a king be more deserving of a knighthood than a ward sister or even a crash doctor

he hasnt given us a pill to eliminate cancer or the like
he hasnt saved lives
he has won a bike race that is shrouded in drug cheating

so so wrong


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