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the ryder cup.
is anyone interested in golf, i dont watch much golf but i do like this ,is anyone else interested in starts on thursday i will be watching it.
Used to play a bit years ago, but never been a big fan of watching it on telly.
However, the Ryder cup is different.
For years the Americans have had a level of arrogance about their supposed superiority in golf.
But now that the tables have turned, its great to watch them getting their arses kicked, especially in their own backyard.
We have always been very sporting, both in victory and defeat, the Americans however, have no respect either way and deserve all they get.

Sorry Chris, but you know its true!
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
don't watch golf normally and often don't watch the ryder cup but i do look for the results as like to kick our american buddies
I love the Ryder cup.....Howay Europe.:)
europe wins the ryder cup what a final day they have done great.:clap::clap::clap::yep:
One of the greatest sporting acheivements i have seen.....fantastic effort:clap::clap::clap::clap:
I have to say i thought we were down and out this morning.I didn't give us a chance in the singles....but we smashed it. :)
Dont really follow golf but a little disappointed that the ole'USofA lost.

Btw Les, you are right :lol:
i8'm another that doesn't normally watch golf but i couldn't stop watching yesterday, well done lads
Riveting Telly that was - well done Europe


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