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Other Sports anyone?
Do any of you follow other sports other than our beloved Toon?
Rugby (the French league) and recently cricket. Ive been watching the Twenty20 in the mornings here recently. I also like watching Aussie Rules as well.
F1 racing for me, can be boring at times but some exciting stuff as well
Ladies Beach Volleyball
#5 out else on sky even found myself watching the nfl and speed way.:D
rugby union, tennis, bobsleigh, athletics.:yep:
F1 mainly
i'd like to understand american footy, i love to watch movies about that sort of stuff, just listened to a podcast sci fi series by a guy called scott sigler about american footy played with aliens in the galactic football league the GFL, if you like a good yarn, sport and sic fi give it a try. The first book is called the rookie 2nd the starter the 3rd the all pro book number four the MVP is due out in October, they're free from iTunes and i love them give 'em a shot, they're great if you go for a run if you have an mp3 jack in your car, on along drive Rock On
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