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andy murray.
murray wins the us open:yep::yep::yep:
Grats to him. It was a great match. Watched the whole thing. Well deserved. :yep::yep::yep:
Listened to first couple of sets on radio, fell asleep, then work up again just in time for the victory.
Well done, Andy! Great acheivement.
"I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance." ee cummings, 1894-1962
Well done Andy Lad!!

Great stuff :clap::clap::clap:

The media boogers in London might even give you some credit - but they'll never forgive you for "not being english" .....

(but stuff them LOL!)

Crackin win :bounce::bounce::bounce:
Now the media can slag him off for not winning Wimbledon rather than not winning a major. :D
Andy Murray celebrated his first Grand Slam title at the US Open last night with a visit to a trendy New York venue, and the drinks were on him.
The Scot went to Hakkasan with around 30 friends to toast his triumph, and quickly racked up a bill of $6,448 for the evening - around £4,000.
There were bottles of champagne ordered, as well as 17 'Zesty' Martinis.
But actually, Murray's spend at the restaurant's Ling Ling bar is moderate given the fact that it includes 30 of the signature meals, which account for $5,040 of the bill.

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He has done well :clap::clap:

[Image: DlDCpC.jpg]

He's not usually know for his warm smile and cheer, but Andy Murray couldn't stop grinning as he went on a walkabout in his home town of Dunblane.
Thousands of Murray fans lined the streets to welcome their local hero back home as the US Open and Olympic champion shook hands and signed autographs, looking more relaxed than ever.
Murray's grandmother, Shirley Erskine, described her grandson's US Open victory as a milestone in his professional career, getting "the monkey off his back" in his desperation to win a grand slam.

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He's a feckin Misery Guts. Good player but a total bloody Tosser in my book. Glad he won, but will never be a likeable Personality.

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