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Lance Armstrong.
I don't know whether he is innocent or guilty but the lad has been stripped of his 7 Tour De France medals.Was he drug enhanced or not? He fought off cancer and came back stronger which i applaud him for and the lad was sick of fighting for his innocence which was costing him a fortune so he just gave in.Hence taking away his accolades.
got to feel sorry for the bloke, he was one of the best at what he did and like you say never tested positive whilst there so why now, everybody will know in there heads that he won them championships fair and square
Gutted if this is true but to be honest i think he is being stiched up.
He has prob crossed soneone and now oot to get him.
It will be political i bet.
Seems to have dropped a bit of a bollock really :exclamation:

I'll get me coat!mudsling.gif
Its sad that he has given up fighting but I suppose everyone has a breaking point and he must have reached his. Just seems bizarre that he always tested negative and they can still do this. I think in the eyes of most people he will still hold those titles

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