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Nottingham Forest (a)
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Doubling down on Burn, seems to be a personal mission now to keep him in the team for Howe.

With that midfield I honestly don't know what to expect, they are usually terrible as a trio, but then we look at the Villa game where everything was more compact and we looked back to our best, inspite of having Miley, Bruno and Longstaff playing flat.

Would prefer to see Murphy instead of Almiron but equally Barnes and Murphy can make a positive impact from the bench.

Just say a few Hail Marys for Wilson's hamstrings before kick off, we need him to stay fit long enough to get the next crock back in line to take his place!

I'll go positive, 1-3.
It's difficult for me to see us getting anything today.  I think we're stale, predictable, half-hearted and lacking self-belief at the moment.  I also think that Eddie Howe is showing us just how limited he can be as a manager, this season.  I suspect that his self-confidence could do with a boost too, because he's been much better than this in the past.  Playing 'favourites' all the time, however, has been a longstanding shortcoming of his.  I just wish he'd show more courage.
Pretty much what I expected - except for us scoring first. When will our manager get his head out of his arse and take a look at what's going on around him.
This has become embarrassing.
Almiron in chocolate fire-guard mode so far. Will Howe replace him at half-time? Don't hold your breath.
We just can't be bothered, can we.
We have been the better side, controlled most of the half, but defensively again, we just look all over the place when we come under any sort of pressure. Even the deflected goal, it just all falls into our inability to protect the goal.

The first goal is a joke, the midfield is non-existent, Miley steps up far too high up the pitch, Burn fails to read the run and Dubravka, who is shit off his line, paves the way to slide it straight under him.

There have been good bits, Gordon looks lively, there seems to be a change in the system with a double pivot of Longstaff and Miley, allowing Bruno to move further forward which has caused them problems. On the flip side, Almiron and Wilson are not doing enough. We have two big options from the bench though, both Barnes and Murphy can impact this game in a really positive way as they are just as shit in defence as we are.

More goals to come, roll a dice how many for each side the way the game is going.

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