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Luton (h)
Right, I'm not having anybody telling me how great it was to come back from 2 - 4 down to get a draw. This was Luton, not Arsenal, and to concede 4 goals to this shower of shite is disgraceful and unacceptable. Eddie Howe royally fucked this up; Dan Burn should never start against pacey wingers and if Howe is too dumb to realise that then it is criminal that he leaves him on after half-time for more of the same. This is hard because Burn generally does well for the team, is a great lad and all the rest, but we all know that anything faster than your average wide player is going to absolutely annihilate him for pace. It has happened time and again and yet Eddie Howe still puts him on - it can't be for all the goals he scores because he's not a prolific goal scorer. This has to change and if the only way for it to change is to get rid of Howe, then I'm all for it. The past couple of seasons, to me, it has been as if we've succeeded both because of and DESPITE Eddie Howe. This shit has to end, or he should get the boot.

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