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Man City (h)
[Image: IMG-3271.jpg]
No surprises in the team selection, then!

Hope we give these a game today
[Image: IMG-3273.jpg]
Wow! Superb goals Isak and Gordon! notworthy
Looking at their bench, I think its a case of enjoy this while we can

Can’t see the score staying 2-1

(13-01-2024, 07:33 PM)Mick Wrote: Looking at their bench, I think its a case of enjoy this while we can

Can’t see the score staying 2-1


You called it Mick. Their subs won it. Our bench woefully short. Defeat hurts more because of it.
The sooner this season ends the better. Coudln't give a stuff about losing that game, but watching this team is painful. We are riddled with injuries, there is every chance a large portion of the players we have due back will break down with injury again, and there appears to be little hope in the transfer window to do anything meaningful that will make enough of a difference to the campaign.

We are bloody awful in possession, but when you look at what we have in the middle, Longstaff, very little technical ability and Miley, a young lad with a lot of promise, but he is a 17 year old learning the game, and Bruno who needs players to take the pressure off him, which he doesn't have, and it is no wonder we are struggling to compete. Our performances are that of a 12th to 14th place team and I suspect we will finish above that based on our home form recovering, so you can't complain. We have no options from the bench so we run Gordon and Isak into the ground each week. We have Almiron on the right doing Almiron things, working hard, lots of running, fuck all end product and then you turn to what we can bring on right now and we have Ritchie and Parkinson.

What a rancid season this has turned out to be, suffering from complete mis-management from the medical team, suffering from the hangover of the supposed holy grail of Champions League football, which came far too soon, and then you go back to the summer recruitment which was a complete fucking disaster of monumental proportions, one of the most important windows the new ownership had to keep momentum going and it was a complete and utter fucking shit show.

Fuck the results, it's the performances that are pissing me off, some of it is understandable for the reasons mentioned above, although I refuse to believe our ability to pass the ball two or three times to one of our own players is beyond the realm of possibility, yet here we are.
Oh and Darren Fletcher on commentary, I think the TNT staff will have to prise his hand off his cock at the end of the game, have you ever heard so much pro City propaganda in your life, the sad fuck.

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