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Chelsea (WTCTLCTD*)
*WTCTLCTD=“whatever they call the League Cup these days!”

[Image: IMG-3229.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3230.jpg]
I am such a silly billy!  I don't know where I get these ideas from!  You see, I thought that Chelsea FC's new owner was from the USA, but having listened to him and one of his minions commentating on the game for Sky Sports, I have to admit they both sounded English to me.  By the way, Chelsea are lucky there is no VAR tonight.
Getting outplayed in general play.

Need to change something or its only a matter of time.
The change needed is to get the ball and keep it. Losing possession too easily. Gordon not on it tonight.
Be a miracle if we win this
Trippier must have angered God pretty badly.
Not going to blame Tripps

He’s been magnificent for us ever since he joined
(19-12-2023, 11:10 PM)Mick Wrote: Not going to blame Tripps

He’s been magnificent for us ever since he joined

Agree with you Mick. I’m not blaming any of our players. The unbelievable run of injuries is taking its toll on the players who have been left to play too many games. As fit as they are, the mental fatigue must get to them.
I blame Howe for letting him take one. He is completely shot, he actually looks drained and ill, you knew as soon as he stepped up to take it he was going to miss. There is something massively wrong with him at the moment and it needs a strong manager to know when to play him and when not to, and right now he needs a break from football to sort out whatever issues he is having.

We were dreadful for 90 minutes which makes losing easier to take. No doubt more talk of tiredness, even factoring that excuse in, I don't understand why we have so many decent footballers and yet we can't string more than 3 passes together in games like this.

Guess it's all on trying to get 5th spot now in the season that goes from bad to worse. Disappointed to say the least.

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