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Tottenham (a)
[Image: IMG-3211.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3213.jpg]
I can't really bear to watch this. The physical and mental fatigue issues that were apparent against Everton cannot possibly have been fixed in two and a half days. I just hope that the likely defeat in this game doesn't make matters worse.
I don’t like to see a few signs of frustration with each other among the team. Understandable but it can drain energy.
It's just painful to watch. I really feel for our players at the moment; they're better than this.
We look like a team fighting relegation. No point picking individuals out, we look absolutely fucking shite from back to front.

Sick of hearing the tiredness excuse, that passes late in games as an excuse, but why the start of games?! Sick of hearing it.
Miley and Gordon off, Longstaff and Wilson on. I'd rip into them at half time, this is beyond unacceptable, it's a complete garbage no show and the travelling fans deserve better.
In the predictions league I put 3-0 to Tottenham.

At the moment I’m just hoping we can keep it to that!

They’re all over us, our defending is shite and we don’t look capable of scoring.
The midfield is nonexistent which is putting so much pressure on a defence already struggling to cope.

Howe leaves it too late to change things in games, can't believe he isn't making half time changes here.
Makes no difference who is on the pitch if you have lost confidence and belief. That appears to be  what we are seeing at the moment.

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