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Everton (a)
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Poor first half, we need to have so much more quality in the final 3rd. Big chances for both teams and we shouldn't be conceding these types of opportunities against a side like this.
First half we looked ‘leggy’ according to John Anderson on the radio. 
We seem to be the better team so far second half, but Gordon should have put us ahead with the chance he had.
Trippier - same mistake twice

Gives away two goals

Shocking and embarrassing
Trippier, two errors and they score both times! Hard to take when it’s against a poor team and we could have taken three points.
Ten minutes extra time though…….
Trippier obviously at fault for the two goals, but the defence has been let down by Isak, Almiron and Gordon, none of which could hit a barn door with a banjo tonight. Our away form will cost us top 4 this season, and more worrying in general is how I don't think we can depend on Isak in such a crucial position, we are desperate for another option up front.

To lose to these donkeys is a shambles.
I think we looked tired tonight.  Not just physically, but more psychologically.  Nobody had a good game but nobody was truly awful like the games at Brighton and Bournemouth.  I quite agree that Isaak and Gordon missed good chances and that Miggy had his worst game in a while, but everywhere around the pitch players were drifting in and out of the game.  Bruno did good stuff when he did stuff, Joelinton was a beast when he wasn't taking forever to trap the ball or to make a pass and Trippier was his usual tigerish self when he wasn't gifting the opposition two goals.  I don't think it matters how physically-fit Eddie gets the players, I don't think that the same 11 players can do what these guys have done over the past few weeks and for it not to take a psychological toll on them.  It was going to happen eventually and it happened tonight; they broke mentally.  I hope Eddie can fix them quickly.  I reckon he probably can.

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