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Group Of Death
Have to admit I’m proud of what NUFC have achieved in the “group of death” - some excellent performances and results against top, top teams

But I still take the view that this Champions League malarkey has come too soon for us as we are strengthening slowly (FFP) but don’t yet have the quality in depth a squad needs in order to compete at this level

Well done Eddie and the boys
So naive tonight, absolutely abysmal subs from Howe, Isak coming off the bench and he doesn't even have 20 minutes in him, he shouldn't be on the bench if the most he can muster is a gentle jog when we need him at full pelt.

Won't go over the top as it is easy to do so when it's still raw, but fuck me we lack so much quality in the final 3rd, and regardless of the penalty against PSG, we only have poor finishing against Dortmund and tonight to blame, a result in either game and we would be through.

With the coefficient taking a twatting with both us and Man Utd not in Europe at all, that puts 5th at massive jeopardy and there isn't a chance in hell we are a top 4 side this year, which means we are looking at 2025/2026 season as the next possible chance we will play in the Champions League, which is quite a sobering thought in a group where we could have gone through. I suspect come that season this team will look very different to what it does now, and if some key areas it really needs to. We have an unbelievable work ethic (minus Isak tonight) and players who will run and run, but when you don't score, and you concede the types of goals that the Newcastle of old would concede, you lose matches.

What really rang true tonight aside from the poor quality in the final 3rd, was that I don't think we concede that first goal with Pope and Botman playing, and as much as Lacelles has been a great fill in for Botman, we are starting to pay the price.

Still a long way to go in the season, but this is not a team that will be in the hunt for top 4, we are not clinical enough to get there again.
Proud overall of a showing against the teams we had in our group. A good learning experience for the owners and a reward for last season. We definitely need something different in the final third. 100% the effort is there, the quality is not unfortunately. 6 goals in 6 games, with 4 of those coming in 1 game. But we had chances and didnt or couldnt put it in the net.
Anyway, worth it for that first PSG game alone LOL!

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