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Bournemouth (a)
(11-11-2023, 08:28 PM)Eeeeen Wrote: People will argue that we lost this game because of injuries, suspensions etc. but I don't buy that.  We lost tonight because, tonight Longstaff, Trippier, Joelinton and Willock were garbage.  With the injury problems we have those players had to put in a shift and none of them did, which is a shame because usually they can be relied on to deliver (except Longstaff, perhaps).

Europe too early, without the squad depth to cope with it.

Too many games for this stage of our squad development.

Funniest bit for me was the Sky commentators tellling us what a wonderful team Bournemouth suddenly are - nowt to do with the Toon being knackered  Big Grin
In the immortal words of England captain David Beckham a few years ago:

“Them players was tired”


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