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Bournemouth (a)
Injured and unavailable:

Botman – Injured
Targett – Injured
Tonali – Banned
Burn – Injured
Bruno – Suspended
Isak – Injured
Anderson – Injured
Murphy – Injured
Barnes – Injured
Wilson - Doubt (hamstring)
Manquillo Injured
Team news then:

[Image: IMG-3168.jpg]
We are just exhausted. Luckily Bournemouth are shit, but I still think we will do well as it is going to get a win here. Nothing we are doing is working, the players are just being asked to do too much.

Times like this when Tonali really, really fucks me off. What a waste of money.
Pope has kept us in this. The worry is we are not creating any chances at the other end.
Lucky not to be behind at half time.

Team short on quality and looking fucked.

Doesn’t look good for the second half.
We'll win this! (I'm trying out this optimism malarky for a change. I'll see how it goes, but I'm not very comfortable with it).
Yeah, I think I'll jack this optimism bollocks. The only surprise is that it was a Bournemouth player who scored against us and not Kieron Trippier.
People will argue that we lost this game because of injuries, suspensions etc. but I don't buy that. We lost tonight because, tonight Longstaff, Trippier, Joelinton and Willock were garbage. With the injury problems we have those players had to put in a shift and none of them did, which is a shame because usually they can be relied on to deliver (except Longstaff, perhaps).
Rancid, absolutely rancid. Lots of mitigating factors but also some appalling performances from senior players, some of which haven't had the gruelling fixture schedule of others.

Squad on its arse with injuries, the Bruno suspension, and the biggest waste of money in the club's history. Our summer transfer window was supposed to help us with the fixture congestion this season and so far all it has done is fuck us over even further, wasting circa 100 million.

Felt so similar to the Brighton game, only Brighton are a decent footballing side, and Bournemouth are not. Just like the Brighton game, we need the international break, it's just a real shame we have to blow a performance like that against such a poor team. We know this isn't how we perform normally these days and you could see the tiredness. I am more angry tonight with Tonali and how the Barnes money could have been better invested. Mandy said we couldn't afford to make mistakes in the transfer window to continue accelerating the club's progress, but sadly the summer window has proven to be a disaster, and it could end up costing us dearly this season.

I normally hate watching Wankgate's long face on the touchline whilst we miss Premier League action, but fuck me we need this break to rest up and go again. A bad, bad day, but one that used to be the norm, and is instead a shit outlier in the grand scheme of how we normally play. Not worth over analysing, we were shit, really shit, and we paid the price. Onto the next.
Longstaff, Joelinton, Trippier and Willock were knackered, two of them not long back from injuries. 
Pope saved us from a bigger defeat.

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