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Arsenal (h)
[Image: IMG-3157.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3161.jpg]
Always a dodgy fixture for us, home or away, even though we have had some success on occassions over the years. Thought Howe might have been tempted to bring Willock into the starting 11 today, but other than that it is the strongest starting 11 we can currently field.

Could really do with 3 points to keep up with a fight for top 4, but this is not an easy game. Odegard missing is huge, he is clever and exploits space really well, so this is a good opportunity to taek control of midfield, which is where this game will be won and lost.
Havertz is quite possible the biggest twat in world football, but the refereeing to follow was about as bad as it gets, and a true show of the state of the officiating in this country. Havertz goes in reckless, dangerous and out of control, and 3 Newcastle players get booked as a result. What a fucking joke.

Bruno needs to calm down though, he has lost his head, and we are done for if this goes down to 10 men. Not enough quality in the final 3rd from either team, both teams have defended well, all to play for in the 2nd half.
Given the circumstances regarding injuries which has seen us really stretched, this is the game where we have put down a marker as to what we are capable of achieving. Such fight, heart and determination was awesome to watch.
These are very special times at NUFC.  Love
Great result but Eddie needs to read the riot act to the players about arguing with the ref and getting booked for dissent.

The injuries we have are hitting us hard, but to lose more players through 5 yellows is just as bad.

No good beating Arsenal if our youth team then get beat at Bournemouth next week.

Thought we were phenomenal tonight but I agree Mick, daft yellow cards. Great result against a really difficult team.
Nice to see the man-baby Arteta still has no self-awareness or any idea about what honour looks like. A total baby-cunt. Fuck him and fuck him hard. Total twat.
[Image: IMG-3162.jpg]
The ref not sending Havertz off and mishandling the situation was abysmal. Bruno needs to calm down but the ref was 100% responsible.

Let's face it we'd all be livid if that goal was against us. Them's the breaks.

Arteta's reaction was hysterical. Compounded this morning by Arsenals press release.

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