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Mbappe vs Mbappe
Figured this was a more suitable match thread title as pre-match apparently there wasn't only one team in town, but one player.

What a fantastic half, to a man they have been absolutely incredible. Tonali and Bruno have dominated midfield, and the way we have pressed has caused them to panic at the back.

More of the same please!
What a game! 4-1 final
I have no words, I don't even drink and I don't want to work tomorrow!

One of the best nights I have had supporting the club, utterly incredible.
Totally agree we bossed the game and gave Europe a taste of Eddie Howe football. I had my doubts about Dan coping with Dembele but we got away with it . Howay the lads you were immense.
Went to bed buzzing, woke up buzzing, watched the goals back about 10 times already and it won't be the end of that either!
Hi boys & girls

Sorry I wasn’t able to join in last night - been in hospital the last couple of weeks so time demands from doctors, nurses, sleep etc

Missed the match as data getting low on ipad & hospital wifi is crap. Sounds like I missed quite an occasion  Rock On Rock On Rock On

Have managed to get the prediction games up for this weekend - good luck!

Really sorry to hear that Mick, I hope whatever if is you are back on your feet soon.

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