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The Premier League has a problem
The PL's biggest problem at the moment is that it has been infiltrated by a gang of man-babies who have taken over coach/manager positions at a variety of clubs.  This cohort of man-infants includes the likes of Eric Ten Hag, Mikel Arteta, Marco Silva and Thomas Frank (there are others), but chief amongst them, the de facto leader of this gaggle of whingeing cry-baby-men, is Jürgen Norbert Klopp.  Rarely has a grown man stamped feet and spat out dummies with such skill and dedication as the jammern Oberbefehlshaber, Herr Klopp.  From his histrionics on the touchline to his toothilly-veiled insinuations and slights against fellow professionals, Herr Klopp is always the victim in a cruel world that conspires to deny him the successes that he deserves through divine right; except when he wins a football match, of course.

In recent events, Herr Klopp has demonstrated once more his expertise in this field and cemented his position as Führer amongst his fellow whiners.  From the BBC;

  • "Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wants the Premier League game against Tottenham to be replayed after Luis Diaz's goal was wrongly disallowed by the video assistant referee.VAR Darren England and assistant Dan Cook did not overrule when Diaz was flagged offside at 0-0 on Saturday.  Liverpool lost 2-1 thanks to a 96th-minute own goal from Joel Matip.'Something like this never happened, so that is why I think a replay is the right thing to do,' said Klopp."

"Something like this never happened..." there you have it, the crowning glory of Herr Klopp's moaning and exceptionalism.  Nobody in the history of English football, pre-VAR or post-VAR, has ever suffered at the hands of the incompetence (or corruption - seemingly playing against 12 men at Old Trafford in the days of Ferguson and Howard Webb, for example), of the match-day officials.  Don't waste your time trying to count up the number of points that NUFC has ever lost to atrocious, unjustifiable and downright baffling on-field decisions from the officials, because "Something like this never happened...".  It only ever happens to poor old perma-victim man-baby Klopp, the most wronged, put upon, whingeing man-baby in English football.  Shame.
Whats ironic is him complaining especially after VAR gifted Liverpool with a few wins last year
Getting the obvious out of the way first, it was a dreadful error, but listening to the audio you can see it was a genuine mistake by company men with zero common sense. Unthinkable with the technology that they let the game continue on instead of calling it back straight away. With the obvious out of the way though...

It is so lovely to see it happen to them, I despise that club and everything it stands for. I am still convinced that Isak was onside last season which would have made it 2-0. There isn't a single angle I have seen which convinces me otherwise, there were even rumours after the game that they couldn't discern whether Isak was or wasn't offside so went with the best line they could do and disallowed the goal anyway.

The thing is, the level of complaint has now meant Darren England won't officiate another Liverpool game this season, which is surely a first. Previously to stop favourtism, clubs picking officials etc, the Premier League always used to bat this away as making it unfair playing field if teams can start dictating who referees their game, either directly or indirectly. The only thing funnier than what has happened would be Darren England getting a decision wrong in favour of a team Liverpool need to lose to in order to qualify for Europe next season, now THAT would be delicious!

I liked Klopp when he first came in, despite the club he came to manage, but he is a parody of himself at this point, a smug, Turkey-toothed faced wanker in love with his own ego as much he is his wife.

Forever the ‘victims”

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