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Burnley (h)
[Image: IMG-3118.jpg]
Should be 3 up, really bad misses from Anderson and Isak. Rocky for the first 5 minutes but total control since then. Dumb booking from Gordon as well.
I really don't think this referee knows what he's doing.
Do the new time-wasting directives only apply to NUFC players?
To be honest, I don't understand why he brought Joelinton on for Anderson in the first place.
So many positives today, arguably our best overall performance so far. A couple of disappointments, Joelinton getting injured is a fucking shit one a few days before PSG. I also thought, despite his excellent penalty and work rate off the ball, on the ball Isak is still shy of what we know he is capable of. We are back pressing well, playing with a high intensity, and generally being an absolutely awful team to play against.

Roll on PSG!
Overall a good game. Hope we can get better at converting some of these chances moving forward

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