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Manchester City (CC)
Trash, utter trash.  When IS Tonali going to stop looking like a waste of money?
Gordon and Bruno coming on
Hall and Miley off
Disappointed Hall has gone off, what has Howe seen, plays him in midfield, a fish out of water, moves him to left back and given him 10 minutes and then taken him off and left Targett on, a player he doesn't want.

Don't agree at all, pretty much a death sentence for Hall and shows we won't see him pushing Burn for a long time to come, all to keep a player on that he doesn't want in the first team.
Isak 1-0
Isak off with a slight knock. Doesn't look serious
Hats off to all in the 2nd half, transformed with Bruno in the middle.

Joelinton and Tino deserve a special mention, but in truth they all played well in that 2nd half.
Well 1-0 is. First win vs ManC since '19
Don Goodman, a complete wanker for 90 minutes on commentary, then pulls out us away to Man U, thanks Don you useless prick!

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