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Sheffield United (a)
[Image: IMG-3113.jpg]
(24-09-2023, 03:39 PM)Mick Wrote: [Image: IMG-3113.jpg]

Wonder how soon Tonali will be onto his agent to get him back to Milan?! :D

Another chance for Anderson, who is yet to start a competitive game and perform to the standard required. Another great opportunity and one I am willing him to take. Longstaff was arguably our best player in Milan so I don't have any complaints there, likewise with the front 3, we need to give Barnes a chance, both he and Almiron will be lively and raring to go.

I fancy us today and I fancy Wilson and Barnes to do the damage between them.
I think our left-hand side looks decidedly ropey.  Better hope Sheffield United are shit, but I don't think they are.
Keep on the gas boys
Left-hand side looks a lot better with Gordon in it because he will drop back, come inside and take players on. I don't think Barnes does those things yet.
Keeeepplp it up 3-0
Should be 5 up, we are playing well and absolutely destryoing their non-existent midfield. Scary how open that area of the pitch is. Can't believe Gordon didn't get a penalty, if that is Foden at Man City, stone wall penalty. The ref has started to bottle it on the back of the fans chanting a few songs.

More of the same in the 2nd half.
If this keeps up it would be a good opportunity to give Hall and/or Livramento a run out.
Didn’t start well but goals have brought back confidence in our play. Pretty poor opposition mind at the moment.

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