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Brentford (h)
Interesting team!

[Image: IMG-3097.jpg]

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(16-09-2023, 04:36 PM)Mick Wrote: Interesting team!

[Image: IMG-3097.jpg]

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These look like the changes of a manager who is royally pissed-off with some of his players.  About time too.
Agree with the changes but it hasn't done anything so far, unrecognisable again from last season, can't even work out what the plan is as we are sort of pressing, sort of trying to play possession football, but ultimately looking lost. A long way to go but poor so far.
Pretty poor so far.
Spectacularly unspectacular.  Things better improve second half or the most we'll get from this is a point.  The last time we looked this lackadaisical, that chancer Bruce was in charge - oh, I forgot the last three matches.
Every time Anderson gets a competitive start to show what he can offer, he is usually one of the worst players on the pitch. I really fancied him to step up today but he has been invisible for most of the half. Granted he isn't the only one who has been poor, but how many chances do you keep giving him before you move on. If he comes out for the 2nd half he needs to up his game massively. Longstaff has been poor but he isn't a creative midfielder, and without the movement of Willock pushing on from deep lying positions, our midfield once again just looks devoid of ideas and quality.

Barnes came to life a little bit in the last 15 minutes but what has he offered that Isak wouldn't, absolute nothing. Gordon has done a little better on the right but it's marginal and nothing you'd hang your hat on.

I find Howe's obsession with Burn mystifying, we have Hall, the perfect replacement and yet you just know its going to be another Howe introduction where Burn needs to score 3 own goals, 3 games in row, before Hall will get a chance.

We look like a mid table team trying to punch above our weight, like we have hit a ceiling so hard that we have bounced back 18 months. Is it confidence, spending money in the wrong areas, Howe trying to evolve the system and struggling to make it work? Maybe a combination of all of those things, right now there are more questions than we have answers for.
Fabulous penalty from Mr. Cool! header
Excellent penalty from Callum. Really wish we could find a second goal
So much better all over the pitch. Great penalty from Wilson and a joke disallowed goal. Feel like we need a 2nd.
3 points is 3 points

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