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Looks like Pope will be leaving Burnley and will be joining the Toon.

Meanwhile Freddie Woodman is joining Preston, and Darlow rumoured to be off to the Boro.

Whaddya think folks?
I was happy with Dubravka and Darlow as back up ..... although i think Pope is an ok keeper i think he's woeful with his kicking and not an upgrade.

I'm all for strengthening the team but a new goalie wouldn't of been high up on my priority list.
I am really happy with Pope, I think he is a better shot stopper than Dubravka and he is also really good at coming off his line which is why I think we have gone for him. To play the way Howe wants to play, high up the pitch and compact, you need a goalkeeper to sweep up, and although Dubravka got a lot better at leaving his line after Howe came in, it's an area I felt we need to strengthen.

We have two good options now, where before we had Dubravka, an unproven Woodman and Darlow who was prone to massive errors when he has to be in the team for a prolong period of time.


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