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Sean Longstaff
I see Sean has signed a new contract for another 3yrs.

I must be honest going back 2 month ago i wouldn't of welcomed this news but to be honest his last few outings he looks a far better player.

Whether that's him playing for a new deal or Eddie working his magic who knows but i hope it's the latter.
I think it is a good move. In February I would have said we can't ship him out quick enough. I felt he had been training with Howe long enough to show some sign of improvement, but there was nothing. The last few games of the season though were his best since the Benitez days, which shows it may have taken him longer than some of the others to adapt to the new way of playing, and actually being coached by a team of actual coaches and not a team of fraudsters who spend the days they should have been training the players, looking on Expedia for their next break away.

I don't think he is the immediate answer, unless he can have a blistering pre-season, and I think along with a goalkeeper, winger and striker, we still need another really good central midfielder to kick on with next season. However if he does continue to improve, at his age, I think he could be a really valuable squad player who will help push for places and fit in well with injuries to others. We need to have competition for places next season to keep the standards up and he will fit right in with that, and also learn off the likes of Bruno + who ever else we bring in to become a better player himself.

For anyone who hasn't listened to it, have a listen to his NUFC TV interview, not that we didn't know it, but he is pretty clear on before Howe arrived and now.

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