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Arsenal (h)
[Image: B31-A0-A5-A-4619-4100-BE29-10-C568-EDEB17.jpg]

[Image: 48290747-A794-4437-A465-FE94678-B847-A.jpg]
First of all, I would never want Newcastle not to win a match, on the other I despise Spurs.  Conflicted?  Not really; just won't be too unhappy if we lose.
Tasty odds for tonight, 4/1 has to be worth a fiver!

Shame Trippier isn't ready for 90 minutes and a shame Longstaff starts again in midfield. Great to have Wilson back though, transforms the goal threat without losing the work ethic of Wood. Might not last 90 minutes though so let's hope we are in the lead should it come to that.
Turns out it was worth a tenner, put me in the stocks if this all goes tits up...
We’re running this midfield
Disappointing we are not up here, absolutely running the show.

Hope Wilson isn't shaken from his tooth being goosed.
Always a concern when you dominate but don’t score though. We need to keep up this intensity second half because they will surely get better.
Well, we certainly tore them a new Arse

Dominated from start to finish

Enjoyed that  Big Grin
Thoroughly deserved, battered them all over.

Aside from wanting Newcastle to win, for Howe to finish above any position Bruce ever did, having been handed the club in the state he was in...

[Image: JS85629519.jpg]

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