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Wor Flags
(23-05-2022, 08:01 AM)Geordie1 Wrote: Cheers mate, wow how close was that I never had so much fun with a free £5, I had the bookies running for the hills. Roll on next season I don't think that the bookies will be giving me a free bet anytime soon  LOL!  but I'm tempted to put on another gamble next season how about the TOON to end the season in the top 6 I don't think I will get 50/1 but you never know  scratch 

Beer Beer Beer

Eddie Howe's Black & White Army.

I actually think it's doable with the way we play now and the attitude throughout the squad. I'm sure the owners and Eddie are looking at getting into Europe next season...... get your money on it Geordie mate.  Beer

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