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Liverpool (h)
[Image: 9752-B314-ADAE-4-FCB-A869-CB56-A7-CF177-C.jpg]
Started okay but not been in the game since the goal. So many things not looking right and hardly any decent options to change it.

ASM doesn't work down the middle, equally he doesn't track back so he can't play him out wide against Liverpool. Willock has been invisible, Bruno has struggled to get into the game and Shelvey is up against his worst nightmare, a team that gives him no time on the ball.

Maybe move Joelinton into Willock's position and bring Murphy on, but other than that the options from the bench are limited.

The one positive is that it is only 1-0, so the game is still alive.
Oh well……

We didn’t expect much, and that result is no disgrace - even though it makes it look like it was a close match.

Good news is, it will have focussed minds amongst our owners of a need to import some serious quality to the squad.

And another reminder will be arriving in the next game!
That was an OK performance - I don't think anybody performed badly and there were no serious mistakes at the back.  Liverpool barely got out of second gear, however, so I think it is a good indicator, as you said, of where we are and where we need to improve.  Without a doubt we are not potent enough at the front and that is more than just about a striker (or lack of one); we still seem unable to recycle the ball quickly enough in midfield and I think that's because not enough of our players think in a holistic way and can envision how attacks can be built at speed on gaining possession  - yet.  More time with Howe in charge and I believe that even with the players we currently have, we will improve in that regard.  With a couple (or three), of good signings, this squad could be a very effective top-half outfit.
Well, that was not one of the best performances by Eddie's boys but it was certainly not their worst, what the game did show was the strength and depth of the Liverpool squad and our lack of, but we all know that will change in the Summer once we start to flex the cheque book, yes, we all know we need a striker, Right Winger and a midfield enforcer. I am disappointed that we did not threaten more but when you play a team that has world-class internationals on the bench who can change a game. Bring on next season.

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