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Norwich (a)
So, Joelinton, on as a striker, scores two goals as 'not a striker'.  Interesting.
(23-04-2022, 03:58 PM)GhostfaceKillah Wrote: The turn around under Howe is staggering.

It's hard to believe him and Bruce are even the same species.

It’s the difference between a top football manager and a ham n peas puddin sarnie

[Image: 856-C49-CB-EBF9-4-A39-A2-D8-794415-A3888-F.jpg]
Credit to Howe for recognising what JL had to offer and using it to great effect!
Think we might stay up, like

Howe has to be a serious contender for manager of the season.
Haha, can't wait to hear Sky Sports News later on, as Newcastle move 15 points from the relegation zone, we are nearly closer to a Champions League spot than relegation, the fucking ejits!

Howe's plan was risky, but maybe he is using the fact that the players are playing for a place in the squad next season to get performances out of fringe players. Resting key players before the Liverpool game could also be part of it, which is going to be a real challenge... but who knows, I don't think we will spring a surprise, but if I was a Liverpool supporter, I wouldn't want to be coming to Newcastle right now, needing to win.

If Lucas Paqueta can have a similar impact on the midfield that Bruno has had, coupled with Henderson in goal, Toney up front and Trippier/Wilson back fit, we are going to be a tasty little outfit next seaon. Obviously playing a bit of fantasy football here, but I don't think those 3 are out of the realms of possibility, and would fit the bill for what Howe and the owners are trying to do.

Getting used to these winning weekends!
(23-04-2022, 05:02 PM)KMK Wrote: Howe has to be a serious contender for manager of the season.

This ^^. New owners aside to get this team playing the way it has just goes to show how negative Bruce was to the team.

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