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European Super League Lite
I can't honestly believe what I am listening to around this wildcard approach to the Champions League. You've got financial fair play trying to stop teams like us from joining the party, by restrictring spends to 70% of our turnover by 2024, effectively securing the teams with already massive turn overs, built on the basis of them spending a lot of money at a time when financial fair play didn't exist. Then UEFA, the bunch of crooks, are trying to further protect the elite, by allowing elite teams with a pedigree of European success previously, to get a wildcard pass for the Champions League, even if they don't qualify through the normal route, effecitvely securing them a massive turn over and allowing them to spend more money and attract better players.

What the fuck is this shit?! The sport I have loved since I was able to walk is getting absolutely destroyed by rules, regulations and absolutely broken ideas, being implemented by, pardon my French, absolute fucking dick heads, sat in suits, somewhere in Europe, taking no doubt back handers from executives and owners of the big clubs in Europe, in order to create what is effectively another version of the European Super League, just nestled into their existing Champions League competition.

No wonder UEFA were dead set against this break away league, all along they had a plan to essentially expand the Champions League to do the very same thing, it was nothing to do with the spirit of the game being damaged, they just wanted to stop a rival idea from getting there before they did. They are talking about extending this offer to 2 teams by 2024, then no doubt 4 teams by 2026, where the hell does this shit end?! 

I detest the 'top 4' and 'top 6' clubs for this elitest attitude that they think gives them this God given right to be constantly involved in every top competition and treated differently to every other non 'top 4' or 'top 6' club in the league.

The Champions League group stages are already a bit of a bore due to how UEFA have constantly expanded the number of teams that can qualify, diluting the quality of the competition, and all this is going to do is make the siutation even worse, whilst at the same time further preventing anyone else outside of their beloved clubs from joining the party through legitimate means. Manure have a shit season? No problem, have a Champions League place anyway, AND also here is a big pot of cash to help you get back to the top next year, that you haven't earned. Barcelona? You too, let's keep the also-rans where they belong.

The sport is turning into an absolute shambles, a corrupt, shambolic mess, designed purely for the so called elite to always remain that way, and I am sure there are those who would change turning for turned.
I'm not sure that UEFA actually 'want' this, but they are being forced by the Super League teams to do exactly what you describe, in order to bury the Super League idea.  UEFA are, in effect, being blackmailed into doing this.  I'm pretty sure the disgraceful Wildcard idea hadn't seen the light of day until after the attempted Super League breakaway.

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