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Scouse mackems
Everton could be docked up to 15pts for financial fair play reasons and seal their fate to the Championship.

Poor Van De Beek who didn't fancy a relegation battle ..... and poor Pickford   LOL!
Where did you see that? Nowt on skysports
(10-03-2022, 06:11 PM)mickyquinnstache Wrote: Where did you see that?  Nowt on skysports

It's to do with Financial Fair Play rules.
They've spent more than they were allowed to in the 3 year period it is measured over.
My understanding is that they are able to adjust their accounts to take account of lockdown etc - but even then they still look likely to have overspent.
Any points deduction would only take effect next season from what I've read.

They can't really deduct points when they didn't for Man City or Chelsea when they broke it. Just be transfer embargo and maybe suspension from Europe (not that that will effect them!)

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