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Chris Wood
(12-01-2022, 02:29 PM)GhostfaceKillah Wrote: It's just people who think the real world of football operates like Football Manager. It always makes me laugh how you get a fancy foreign name, from a sub-standard league abroad, who hasn't had more than 1 season of football, and has a ridiculous price tag, and this seems to get people excited. Yet someone proven like Wood, who has been in relegation battles, who is competitive, scores goals and is far better suited to where we are at as a club, gets a negative, underwhelming reaction.

I've read some absolutely crazy stuff. I've heard everything from signing Mitrovic again for 30 million (unbelievably, not an isolated opinion) would be a better signing, read one comment saying they would rather the 25 million have been spent on wages to get Martial on loan until the end of the season... thankfully I am not on Twatter as my brain would explode trying to respond to some of the comments. Imagine thinking Mitrovic, who has failed for multiple clubs and mulitple managers at this level, who was more interested in getting sent off and beating his chest than scoring goals, would be a better signing than a player who has succeeded for 5 years at the very level we need him to perform at.

The mind boggles.

Says it all right here. The real world of football isnt Football Manager
Me personally, I quite like this signing, though I dont know how it will turn out. I think a lot of the issues now that the squad face is that they were "Bruced". Nearly every single player we have on the team has dropped in valuation over the course of this year. But this is about the long game. A few wins here and there and we are out of the frying pan. The question remains where those wins are going to come from.
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