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Cambridge United (FAC)
However far down the list they thought they could leave a striker in January, bump it to the top. We are abysmal in front of goal, utterly abysmal.
'Harvey Knibbs' is a great name, by the way.
Their keeper coud’ve gone for a couple of beers in the 2nd half

Lost It
With no WIlson, everything is on ASM, the rest are trash, if ASM has an off day, we don't score. Can't really complain, we have seen this group of players consistently fail for a long, long time in front of goal, and if you keep playing them, you'll keep getting the same results.

Couldn't normally give two fucks about the FA Cup, but it was a chance to get some momentum and a feel good factor around the place. We land an easy draw at home. and we still go out.

Not surprised, and I shouldn't be shocked, but I am still hugely disappointed. All week long there have been stories about how the current group of players won't just roll over for new signings and that they will fight for their place. 1 win in 19 league games and out to Cambridge at home in the FA Cup 3rd round, don't make me fucking laugh, the majority of them need replacing, and pronto.
Ok, concentrate on survival in the Premiership. But unless we can score goals that won’t happen either, especially as we can’t keep a clean sheet! Need a centre forward fast or we are toast.
We need 2 quality strikers in this window, first one preferably before Watford

A canny few of the current squad weren’t good enough, now they seem to have given up

I’ve come off twitter for a while as I can’t understand the boneheads now having a go at Eddie Howe!

After 14 years of mismanagement and under investment, do people not realise the new owners can’t just wave a magic wand?
It's a long road to change the culture of the club. Whether we like to admit it or not, we have been losers for a long time, mismanaged on and off the pitch. Howe has my backing based on the fact you can see he is trying to change things and is making more good choices than bad ones. I do think he is missing a trick with some players though, Willock is worse than Hendrick, I don't understand why he brought him on today, he shouldn't even be in the match day squad. I also struggled to see why so many crosses were being pumped into the box today, when we didn't even have a centre forward on the pitch.

I also don't get why we were linked with a striker before Wilson got injured, and yet we are a week into the window and haven't got a single one in. If you don't score goals, you won't win games, and when you have Dubravka flapping around like he does these days, you are always likely to concede, even from what you'd normally consider a none chance. We don't have enough good attacking players to get by without a centre forward, and I hope to God that is now the number one priority for this week with Watford up next.
Two positives from today:

We were never going to win the FA cup, and we can now concentrate on “the great escape” without the extra games and risk of picking up injuries

The PFI chairman and brass were there today. If they didn’t know we need to spend big and quickly, they do now!

I don't like the noises coming from the dressing room at the minute. Last week you had Hayden and Wilson reiterating that none of the players will be pushed aside for new signings and in more of a fuck you sort of way, rather than we will fight for our place, that's how I read it anyway. You've got players walking off the pitch yesterday without acknowledging the fans, the owners were then in the dressing room to speak to the players after the game, none of this is normal. It's crazy to think your nose would be put out at the thought of competition in the team, when you have won 1 in 19 and have gone out in the 3rd round of the FA Cup to a team sat 16th in League 1. Who the hell do these players think they are?!

Reports this morning suggest Trippier was trying to get one unnamed player to come back onto the pitch who totally ignored him. All I have heard regarding who went down the tunnel is that Joelinton went down it first, but I can't find anything else about it, anyone here at the game to confirm if they saw anyone? Does anyone know why Lacelles and Gayle were not in the squad? I know West Brom and Forrest are showing interest in Gayle, I just find it odd he is the only other recognised striker at the club, but can't even make the bench when the main recognised striker is injured. It seems there is so much going on around this window, and instead of galvanising the team, it seems to be breaking it apart.

It's a tough balancing act that the owners and Howe have to perform until the summer. You need to keep the squad onboard, even though you'd do away with 80% of it in a heartbeat, and rightly so. You need to bring in new players and integrate them quickly, and you need to win games like there is no tomorrow. With Wilson confirmed as being out for the next 8 weeks, I really hope that there are a couple of strikers already in the wings waiting to step in. I'd normally have some suggestions but you look around and apart from Origi, who we wouldn't stand a chance of getting, who else is there right now?! I've heard Igaholo mentioned on loan, and everyone else is just an unknown striker from Europe.

What a bloody mess.

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