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Despite a disappointing day, it was nice to see a player who plays 1 and 2 touch football. Early days at a new club but the way he passes the ball and doesn't hang around for days on end was a huge upgrade on what we are used to. I love watching Man City play, they rarely take more than 3 touches and it's often 1 and 2 touch interplay which breaks teams down. I just hope he can rub off on some of the others as he has been playing with an infinitely higher standard of player than what we have in our squad.
I agree Ghost ..... his 1st touch in particular is superb.

He's a breath of fresh air but i can't see him rubbing off too much on our lot they tend to lose possession if they pass the ball too quickly as they aren't at the same level as Trippier and indeed the Man City team.

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