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CB ?
As we're looking for a CB i have a main concern.

We seem to be after just 1 to partner Lascelles.

Lascelles has been responsible for a hell of a lot of our defensive blunders yet seems to ride the storm because he spits a lot, puffs his chest out and shouts like a captain..... similar to Steven Taylor.

My opinion is that he shouldn't be captain as he doesn't lead by example and he isn't a PL player.

More importantly you could put Van Dyk next to him and he'd still fuck up. 

Botman or Tarkowski seem to be the chosen targets ... i hope it's Botman because i don't think Tarkowski is all that great.

Mind you i'd take them both if it meant Lascelles and Clark are nowhere near the starting 11.

Thoughts folks ???
Lacelles has been poor since Benitez left. Setting the team up the way Benitez did, benefited the defence massively, and it was the right way to play with the squad we had at the time. It's a difficult situation for Howe to manage as parking Lacelle's football ability, I'd consider it a huge risk to strip him of the captaincy and drop him from the team in this window. Howe has to manage morale as much as anything between now and the summer and I don't think he will risk destabilising it by changing the club captain. Come the summer it's a different story, I'd be looking to offload him, he isn't good enough.

With regard to Botman, he is 21 and has had 18 months of decent football, who knows how good this kid really is. I certainly haven't watched enough of Lille to know if he has what it takes in this league. At the moment he is a young defender who has been talked about as a 60 million euros standard player, which unless you have an unreal scouting network with a high success rate, or you get lucky, is a crazy amount of money to pay for a young player who hasn't played in the Premier League. Of course I'd get behind him if we did pull the trigger, but equally I won't shed any tears if we look elsewhere in this window.

Tarkowski is an odd one, watching him against Manure the other night, he looked like a player whose head and heart were elsewhere and I think you have to factor that in if you are judging him right now. He is out of contract in the summer so professional pride aside, he doesn't need to care where Burnley end up. This makes him difficult to judge as I do rate him as a solid mid-table defender and I do think he would be a good signing, however they are talking 40 million quid, for a player out of contract in 6 months, who I'd compare to Fernandez, who is already here and won't cost a penny... Is he THAT much better than Fernandez?! Will Burnley sell to a rival now or risk letting him go on a free in the summer?! Not quite sure how I weigh this transfer up, other than if Howe wants him and has seen something in his game to help the way he wants to play, then I'd back him coming in and doing a good job.
I guess we can't just change it all in one window so I'd expect whoever comes in to partner Lascelles for 6-18months. He's club captain. Dropping him completely at this stage would just piss off the current players and cause friction. Exactly what you don't want in the middle of a relegation scrap.

Also Lascelles has shown in the past that he can defend along side the right partner.
I’d like Umtiti - think of the chants we could make up… header

But would he just be another Boumsong?
The problem with a lot of these foreign centre backs is we have no real idea how they will adapt to this league. Reminds me of the days when Wise was recruiting players on the back of YouTube footage, all we really have is snippets of games here and there, and the media telling us. I know these players will be analysed to death statistically, but without those stats laid on top of the stats of current players, it's difficult to know whether they will work in the Premier League.

I would imagine people would be raising an eyebrow if we were looking at Connor Coady for 60 million, but we'd be happy to sign a foreign defender for that amount, sesmingly just because they are foreign and we are told they are good players.

It's really tough to call who will work and who won't, you can only trust the club has done the correct amount of research to increase the chance of the player succeeding. I get the feeling with the new setup that they will get more right than wrong, because they are no longer running and working freom the back of a fag packet, so whoever we get this window, will stand a good chance of making a really positive impact with the way Howe wants to play.

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