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Liverpool (a)
There was a phase after the equaliser when heads dropped, but they regained a bit of composure as the half ended.

To be honest the tactics are pretty spot on, we can't open this game up, counter attack is the best way to go, and there have been opportunities to get forward. I'd have jumped at a 1 goal deficit going into half time, just annoying that the goals we conceded were both easily avoided... but I guess we say that about most goals we concede.
Canny, not bad so far

I just fear without a change of tactics they will pick us off in the second half. There is no way we can cope with that pressure for 45 mins without conceding more goals. Mind, I  would love it, just love it, if I was proved wrong!   Big Grin
Different Liverpool second half, less pressure. Can we get a point? HWTL
Disappointed we didn’t get something from that. We were well organised and the players were fully engaged and made a great effort. Hope those positives are in evidence in the next two matches.
Can't criticise the effort, we were up against one of the top two sides in Europe, and I think the players put a shift in. Without that prick of a referee, who you knew would be involved in some shit decision somewhere, we might have stolen a point. All ifs and buts as we absorbed a lot of pressure and they could have scored more than 3, but I thought we did okay under the circumstances. It's just a shame that performance wasn't against Leicester as we would have gotten something from that game had we played like we did tonight.

I criticised the selection of Fraser but I thought he was excellent tonight, literally ran himself into the ground. Fitness levels look to be improving as well.

Onto the next one.

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