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Liverpool (a)
Towel well and truly thrown-in.  Can't really blame Howe for that.
Looking at the current covid state, all of the weekend games could be off anyway at this rate.
[Image: twitter-FGv9p-FTXs-AQhb-Hh.jpg]
Blows my mind he picks the useless mercenary Fraser over Almiron. Surely in any game where you plan to throw the towel in from kick off, you pick a player who runs around for 90 minutes.
(16-12-2021, 08:02 PM)GhostfaceKillah Wrote: Leaving WIlson out. Hayden in for Willock. Not bad shouts to be honest, no point risking Wilson either today or Sunday.

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the team

We've put out a team with a bit more in midfield to try to keep it down to 4 or 5 goals - but still with players up front capable of (ahem) "individual heroics"

Lost It
I always feel for the match going fans though who have travelled, would I be happy turning up and seeing Wilson on the bench?! I guess so, I think everyone has to be realistic and this situation needs managing long beyond tonight and Sunday, and Wilson is prone to picking up a knock. Also just realised I created this as a (H) thread when I knew all along it was away, goes to show I am trying to shut it out of my mind before it has even kicked off!
Wor Steve Wallwork, a member here, has been on Twitter saying his bus has broken down on the way to Liverpool.

Not going to make kick off.

So we're 45 fans down before we've even kicked a ball

Shelvey makes sure we won’t lose to a nil score! Great strike.   Rock On
So it starts, the pathetic, fragile nature of these pampered princesses begins. As soon as we concede a goal, heads drop, and the floodgates open
I don’t think heads have gone down. The way they are set up is making for relentless pressure. You can’t just defend against Liverpool, they are too good and we are outclassed. If we are going to lose let’s go down attacking!!!

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