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Liverpool (a)
Not trying to steal your thunder with a match day thread Mick!

Less fussed about the horror show of tomorrow night, but with Burnley vs Watford being called off to be played at a later date, this could work to our favour. Psychologically if we can be in touch come January, it will give the players just the boost they need, however if Watford had got a win tonight and somehow got another 1/3 points before January, we could have been 9 adrift. Clinging onto the hope we are just 3 points away cometh the hour.

As for tomorrow night, anything less than 4-0 would be a great result. If Howe goes with Shelvey and Willock and no additional help, it could be another 7-0.
No worries Ghostie 

Grateful for the help!

I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to acknowledge that these next 4 days of football actually exist. Right now I could fast forward to Sunday night and pretend these next 2 games didnt happen!
Personally, I think I've written off the next 3 games as defeats, on the basis of who we're up against and our performance against Leicester.

It's just a case of damage limitation goal-wise I reckon. 

Just can't see any other scenario until we limp into January and hopefully see a lot of strength recruited asap
Yeah absolutely, they are just awful games to have to endure. We know going into them that there isn't even a chance of a point, at best we keep the goals down. My big concern with this fragile set of players is confidence, I just hope come Sunday there have been some positives signs in each game to not set back any work that Howe has done so far. Having said that, after going 1-0 down to Leicester, they folded like a cheap suit still. You gave to go back a long way to find a Newcastle team that didn't.
Damage limitation is key from now til January ..... oh how i wish we had a covid outbreak to keep us out of business for a while.

Hope we don't go down the route of buying big time charlies who want the big pay day but not prepared to dig deep to keep us up.

We need players ready to fight. Not your Dele Ali who couldn't be arsed under Mourinho
[Image: BF7-DCA6-B-DEB0-46-C6-9-FDE-6981-C0-D741-AE.jpg]
We def have a tough streak of games from now till new years. Damage limitation is key
(16-12-2021, 02:28 PM)cg40k Wrote: We def have a tough streak of games from now till new years. Damage limitation is key

Covid is key.
Leaving WIlson out. Hayden in for Willock. Not bad shouts to be honest, no point risking Wilson either today or Sunday.

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